Case Studies Grange Park Opera

Grange Park Opera

West Horsley Place, Surrey (Waterproofing)

One of our largest structural waterproofing design and installations, of a cavity drain membrane system with drainage channels and sumps & pumps was carried out in surrey in 2016.

Traditional Builders RJSmith & Co. constructed a magnificent 700 seat, purpose built opera house, modeled on La Scala in Milan, and we were pleased to have been contracted for the design and installation for the waterproofing of the areas below ground.

With our consultant and adhering strictly to BS8102:(2009) we designed a system to cover over 300m2 of the entire below ground structure, such as the orchestra pit, plant rooms, technicians rooms and the storage and prop rooms.

After being given the go ahead K.T. Preservation supplied and installed Wykamol CM20 cavity drainage membrane to all below ground floors with the adequate drainage channels and Wykamol CM8 cavity drainage membrane to the walls along with the necessary Edincare pumps.

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